Games, Puzzles, and Toys!

This week’s donation organization tip covers your toy box and game closet.

 We know that games and toys are things that fit to particular times of life. Of course your kids don’t need their baby toys when they’re older because they’ve outgrown those toys. You can take that idea one step further with other games and puzzles. Maybe there are some games and puzzles in the back of your closet that you enjoyed a few years ago, but you prefer others now. We’d love to take those old games off of your hands! This way the game you don’t get as much joy out of, or that puzzle you’ve already done enough times can bring excitement to someone who has never done it before. 

Here are some tips to help you organize the toys and games you would like to donate:

  • For games and puzzles, first check to see if your game or puzzle is complete. 
    • This isn’t to say that we won’t take a puzzle or game if it’s missing one piece or so, but if it’s missing enough to make the game unplayable we are not able to sell it. 
    • If your game or puzzle is missing something, please label on the box “missing one piece”, or if it’s complete, just label it “complete”. This saves us a lot of time counting and checking for pieces!
    • Check for wear and tear on game parts, for example, the playing board or cards.
  • For all toys, and especially stuffed animals and dolls, check for missing parts, broken parts, rips, stains, and sticky spots.
  • If you have larger baby toys such as bouncers, or exersaucers that may have been sitting in the basement or attic for a while, make sure they’re functional and wiped clean. 
    • *Note, we are unable to accept cribs and carseats.
  • It’s always helpful to us when items come presorted, so if you’re donating toys and games along with other items, we’d love it if they had their own bag.

Hopefully this challenge of sorting through old games, puzzles, and toys will bring you happy memories as you remember when these items had different value to you. 


Until next week,

Your friends at New 2 You

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