Let’s Talk Linens!

This week’s donation organization tip is about your linen closet.

Let’s face it, for most of us the linen closet is the disaster that you shove away and pray the contents won’t tumble out when you open the door back up again! Some sheets fold nice and stay flat, but those darn fitted sheets take up lots of extra room. So let’s figure out how to reduce the linens taking up too much room in your house, and organize them for donations!

Here are some tips to help you organize the linens you would like to donate:

  • Check for stains, holes, fading, and fraying. We are unable to sell linens with holes or stains. However, if the item in question is 100% cotton, you can put it in a separate bag labeled “Lisa’s Rags”, and we’ll donate to Lisa’s Rags mission. Lisa’s Rags will also take your old bath towels.
    • For more information on Lisa and her mission follow this link!
  • Keep sets together.
  • For larger rugs, check for spots, vacuum, and if possible, write down the dimensions.
  • Label what size your sheets are. (It saves us lots of time measuring later!)

It’s so important that we remember to keep our spirits up during this hard time. So if you need a laugh today, here’s a link to a clip about the frustrations of folding fitted sheets. Enjoy!

Click for video clip.

Until next week,

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