Meet Elizabeth, Our “Jack of all Trades”

Elizabeth is one of our adored volunteers that has been coming in for over 15 years. She volunteers twice each week and is considered our “Jack of all trades” because of her willingness and flexibility to do any task that fits our unique needs of the day. Once those tasks are completed, she enjoys folding the linens and organizing our merchandise to keep the shelves looking orderly and nicely displayed. She can also be frequently found writing all types of cards for our volunteers. Elizabeth loves these opportunities to serve the New 2 You community that she cherishes. 

When asked why a person should shop and donate at New 2 You, Elizabeth responded with the importance of supporting the Grand Rapids Christian Schools. We’re so thankful to be able to contribute to such an important cause. Additionally, she commented, “people love thrift stores no matter what.” This is certainly true, and one aspect that Elizabeth believes sets New 2 You apart from other thrift stores is her Aunt Karen, our general manager. Elizabeth is so proud of her dedication and leadership and is always excited to work with her.

One of Elizabeth’s favorite parts about coming to the store is being able to see her volunteer friends, have coffee with them during breaks, and interact with customers while on the floor. As someone with Down syndrome, she’s very thankful for the inclusive community that can be felt every day. Elizabeth loves people, and she loves the New 2 You community.

We’re so grateful for Elizabeth’s heart of service for both our customers and our volunteers. Thank you, Elizabeth!

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