Wedding Upcycling

Weddings can be expensive, but with the right tips and tricks you can save big at that special celebration. Whether you’re planning a large traditional wedding, or a small rustic one, here are some great, inexpensive ideas that start at your local thrift store.

Center Pieces


Center pieces are a part of the reception where you can really let your creativity fly! But being creative doesn’t have to be expensive. Here at New 2 You we receive donations of vases and glassware in all shapes and sizes every day. Put together a combination of different sizes and styles to bring shape and dimension to the tables. You can even spray paint to bring your wedding colors to each table!



With the right stencils, a mirror or picture frame can be the perfect wedding party display. Stylish and unique, it exudes class at the ceremony or reception. A little chalk paint and creative writing can go a long way! We have dozens of frames at New 2 You!

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