Turn an Old Mirror into a Stylish Chalkboard

Looking for something fashionable, fun, and “new” for your house? With this method, you can easily and inexpensively add a unique chalkboard using items from your local thrift and craft stores! It’s a great project for all ages, but young children should have the assistance of an adult.


Simply find an old mirror (we have a ton of them at New 2 You!) to be the base for your chalkboard. Any size will work, any style.

Make sure the mirror and frame are clean and dry before you get started. Then we recommend putting a few thin layers of primer on the frame and mirror. After the primer is dry and no longer sticky to the touch, you can start painting your frame. A couple coats of paint will do.

Maybe you want to keep the frame the way it was before, and that’s okay! Simply use painters tape or masking tape to tape off the frame, and just apply primer to the mirror.

When your frame is dry, make sure to use the correct tape and some newspaper to cover up your frame, and you’re ready to use black, chalkboard spray paint on your primed mirror. You’ll want to put on several thin layers, and it’s a good idea to let them dry in between coats. After your last layer is dry, grab some chalk and some felt(which makes for a great eraser) and you’re ready to go!

For something a little different, have both a chalkboard and mirror together!


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