50% Off Lamps and Lighting Week of March 16

The daylight may be lingering well into the evening, but we still need a few lamps for the later hours. If you’re looking for a new lamp to illuminate your bedroom, living room, or hall, come by New 2 You this week! All lamps (and other lighting fixtures) will be half-price.

Spring Is Here!

We have officially changed over our clothing section from fall and winter to spring and summer. Come by New 2 You now for shorts, bathing suits, t-shirts, and more. Get ready for warmer weather!

50% Off Books & Media Week of March 9

Attention bookaholics: whether you need a good paperback for a plane ride or a few more hardcovers to adorn your shelves, this is your chance! All books and media will be half price this week at New 2 You – that means hardcovers are just $1 and paperbacks are just $0.25! Movies, magazines, and music are also half price. Be sure to stop by!

All Clothing $1 March 7 and 9

Our clothing sales have been building to this: Saturday and Monday, for two days only, all clothing will be priced at one dollar. Men’s, women’s, and children’s; boutique and otherwise. All of it will cost just a dollar! This will be our final pre-spring sale, so don’t miss the opportunity!

50% Off All Clothing Week of March 2

As spring changeover looms closer, our sales are getting even better. Now all of our clothing – including boutique – is half price. There’s still plenty of fall and winter clothing that has to go!

Dress Up Your Dresser

Come by New 2 You and pick up an old dresser or entertainment center, then transform it into a new, cool piece for your room or study. Paint it, and cover it with words, numbers, or any pattern you like.

50% Off Regular Clothing, 25% Off Boutique Week of February 23

Last week all of our regular clothing was half-price, but this week we’re adding boutique clothing to the sale as well! In addition to the half-price regular clothing sale, all boutique clothing – men’s, women’s, and children’s – will be 25% off its marked price this week. Come by and help us clear our racks! And what’s more, this week we’re offering 25% off on all microwaves, stoves, and dishwashers. It’s a week of remarkable savings at New 2 You.

50% Off All Clothing Week of February 16 & Week of February 23

We’re preparing for spring changeover, and that means all of our fall and winter clothing must go. Find a great deal on pants, shirts, jackets, and more. All non-boutique clothing will be half price this week and next. Come by and help us prepare for spring!

50% Sweaters Week of February 9

Cold weather is lingering, and it’s not too late to find a great deal on a sweater to keep you warm. Come by New 2 You this week for great savings on men’s and women’s sweaters (excluding boutique).

50% Off Men’s Pants Week of February 2

Regardless of whether or not Phil sees his shadow, you can find a great deal on men’s pants this week at New 2 You. Corduroys, khakis, jeans, etc. – they’re all 50% off this week.