50% Off Winter Coats

Are you tired of your same old winter coat you’ve been wearing all year, or perhaps for many years? Well, it’s not too late in the season to swap it out for a new (to you) one! This week all of our women’s non-boutique winter coats are 50% off! What a deal! You can stay warm and stylish for a fraction of not only retail price, but our original prices too! 

We look forward to seeing you this week!

*Sale excludes women’s boutique items.    

Please remember that we are practicing social distancing and taking precautions for everyone’s safety, our volunteers, customers, and donors. That being said, everyone is required to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose in order to enter our store for both shopping as well as to drop off donations and for furniture pickup. Additionally, at this time there are no public restrooms.



Monday-Saturday 10am – 7pm

Monday-Saturday 10am – 4pm

Sunday Closed

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